Dedicated Team Member for Hire

Need a little help?  Maybe a lot?  I work with both small businesses and large corporations to

  • evaluate current activities and market
  • develop impactful short and long-term campaigns and practices, and
  • execute marketing plans and social marketing campaigns

I work with a variety of AUTHENTIC social influencers and service providers who know how to work on a budget while getting the best results.

My first step is always to research your company. I’m a relentless with Google and gather information from a variety of perspectives. Having that information prepares me for a meaningful conversation about what I can and cannot do for you.

I’ll never sell you on something you don’t need and I won’t provide “cookie-cutter” marketing programs. The market changes quickly.  What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. You need someone to THINK, not just DO. I promise you’ll be surprised by the results.

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Small Business Quick Turnaround

I get it. You can’t afford a marketing consultant. You may not even need one, right? I’ve heard it a hundred times AND I know there is a lot of useless, expensive “help” out there.

Being a business owner is one of the most challenging things I have ever experienced. The learning curve is steep and the cards are usually stacked against you. Because I’ve been there, I freely share as much information as I can on my blog and on my small business resource site, Mompact. If you can’t find what you need there, contact me. I’ll give you an honest answer of how I can help, *if* I can help. The initial 10 minute introduction call is free.

If you want to work with me, I offer an affordable evaluation package that identifies specific steps tailored to your business of what you can do to succeed on your own. I’ll also provide suggestions on which programs you may want to outsource and share any appropriate contacts I have with you for those services. If you want to work with me further, I’d be happy to prepare a quote for you.

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