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Marketing is a contest for people's attention. But, do you know whose attention you want or how to reach them? Are you just making noise or are you demonstrating leadership and the value of your brand in everything you do? Together, authentic content and permission marketing stop the meaningless noise. Let's create your story and find the right ways to share it.

Real Marketing Expertise

I don't like hype. I believe in tracking, testing and evaluating marketing initiatives. Results matter.

Authentic Content Marketing

Content only matters if someone wants to read it, share it, and respond to it. Numbers can be misleading. enables businesses of all sizes to get honest, meaningful feedback on product ideas, marketing initiatives, and consumer trends. Our mom panel is fully profiled and ready to respond to surveys.

Mompact is a free resource for moms and others who are bringing products to mass retail. From inventing to social marketing, real mom business owners share their experience, resources and expertise.

Spin Kindness is a revolution in how companies market. By structuring and organizing Kindness campaigns, our site allows companies to truly connect with their market and spread Kindness together.